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The PROMADIS Core Values:

  • Be Brilliant
  • Make It Happen
  • Crave Integrity
  • Grow Relationships
  • Enjoy

When we initially set out to form PROMADIS, we thought long and hard about the type of business we wanted to be.

Especially in the context of how we wanted to do things, how we wanted to work with our clients and how we wanted to motivate our staff.

And it was in that context that we wrote down what we described as our ‘five business pillars’.

Still very much part of everything we do today, these principals simply state:

  • Be brilliant
  • Make it happen
  • Crave integrity
  • Grow relationships
  • Enjoy

So what does such thinking really mean in day-to-day terms?

Well let’s start with ‘be brilliant’. In our mind, this is all about having a team that continually strives for excellence. For us, near enough is never good enough. And so we foster a working environment in which everyone is a distinct individual who is encouraged to use their own distinct talents, drive and initiative to produce the best results possible.

With initiative, we also see people taking very real ownership of everything they do, even if their task is only a very small part of the overall job. And so ‘make it happen’ means everyone in the assigned team focuses on the outcomes the client is looking for. Which, in turn, drives us to completing projects on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations.

"Be brilliant. Make it happen.
Crave integrity. Grow relationships & Enjoy"

‘Crave integrity’, for us, means we aspire to have everyone that we deal with seeing us as a company of individuals who are honest, frank and unwilling to compromise our principals. So when we talk to clients, suppliers or just each other, we like to focus on facts and reality, not just saying what we think someone else wants to hear.

It is also recognised that we don’t work with other companies but with other people. And the better we understand them then the better we comprehend what it is they are trying to achieve. Which is why we set out to ‘grow relationships’ as an absolute  priority.

And finally, we have always been motivated by the old adage that asks “if you are not in business for both profit and fun then what in the heck are you doing there?” In our view everybody does a much better job when they enjoy what they are doing. It means they go the extra yards. Take that extra care. Make that extra commitment. And do what they do with that extra passion.


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