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EFM introduces new tailor made IT system designed & implemented by Promadis

07 June 2007 

A comprehensive new operations and membership system has recently been implemented by leading Australian fitness organisation EFM Health Clubs

Designed and installed by Promadis, the new web-based software will link the organisation's 40 plus health and fitness clubs and provide an important resource to help support further rapid expansion plans.

Established in 1991, and an accredited member of Fitness Australia, EFM provides a highly regarded service that it depicts as being "between a commercial gym and a personal trainer and which includes personalised fitness coaching in a friendly and non-intimidating environment".

As well as catering to the general public, it also provides specialised programs for hospitals, schools, and corporate organisations. And it is regarded as a market leader in providing corporate health, wellness and fitness programs, to a variety of government, commercial and not for profit organisations. For these, EFM customises programs to suit specific requirements and employer needs.

As EFM CEO Matt Lindblom notes, "we had reached the size and geographic spread throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales where we needed to seriously consider the far more advanced use of IT. And we also viewed information technology as an essential strategic tool to complement our further growth".

With such objectives in mind, EFM partnered with Promadis to initially prepare a comprehensive system brief. Of key importance here were the added efficiencies that were deemed necessary to properly maintain member records. All member visits to EFM have traditionally been recorded. But historically, this data had then been summarised, by each club on a weekly basis and subsequently sent through to the company's head office using Excel spreadsheets.

Under the revised thinking, it was proposed that attendance information would be directly entered - via the web - as soon as a session is finished. A procedure that was seen to save considerable time and effort in the Club, while ensuring that information is always totally up to date and far more accurate. This is of particular value in helping to maintain high member retention rates.

Also slated for attention was the need to make EFM operating manuals - and their updates - available online. A requirement that was seen to be of major importance in maintaining an extremely high level of quality and uniformity throughout the group.

With the specification agreed, Promadis then designed the new customised system which is based on Microsoft SQL Server technology and uses OnWare database connectivity software and the Australian designed web development tools DesignBais.