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Adelaide Cancer Centre Selects PROMADIS Medical Specialist System

21 June 2007 

Adelaide Cancer Centre has this month begun plans for the implementation of the Medical Specialist software solution designed, installed and supported by Promadis.

Established in 1995, the Centre has grown to become the largest private oncology facility in South Australia. With two subsidiary practices located at Burnside Hospital and Wakefield Private Hospital, its principal operations are located in the inner Adelaide suburb of Ashford. And here a unique service is provided which integrates consultation, treatment and support for cancer patients. The stated aim being to minimise the inconvenience of obtaining services from several different locations.

While the Centre has been a long term user of IT, in mid 2006 it decided to undertake a detailed and critical review of its computer applications.

Of principal concern was the range of stand alone systems, then in use, which were unable to integrate with each other. Thus, for example, there was one database for patient management, another for patient billing and a third for the work that the Centre does for the State's Cancer Registry.

This meant that much data had to be re-entered several times. An inefficient and error prone process and one, most importantly, that delayed the preparation of reports for such things as patient and drug trial reviews. Indeed, the correlation of all of a patient's data - both current and historical - was substantially a manual activity, which again delayed the rapidity with which reviews could be carried out.

It was to resolve such issue that the decision was taken to implement the fully integrated practice-wide PROMADIS system. This will support every aspect of the Centre's work, providing efficiencies in all operational areas including those of a clinical, administrative and financial nature.

Of key importance will be the IT's new contribution to highly effective patient management. Here the Medical Specialist software will bring together every item of current and historical patient data. Which it will then make available for immediate online access, irrespective of where the consulting doctor is working.

Customization, also to be carried out by Promadis, will additionally ensure that that the same system is able to directly interface with third parties - such as radiologists and pathology providers - and with the Centre's own specialised medical testing equipment. This guaranteeing that most results can be directly and immediately added to patient records for speedy review and subsequent reference.

The Centre will follow a phased system roll out program, slated for completion by year end.