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Business Management Systems

 Business Management Systems 

  • Powerfully drives day-to-day operations for all financial, commercial, distribution, service and manufacturing operations.
  • Precisely mirrors your company’s processes and procedures. 
  • Works the way you work and does things the way you do.
  • Provides an end-to-end solution for the entire business.
  • Delivers timely and accurate business information when its needed.

It is a sad fact of life that far too many IT systems fail senior management by not delivering the information that they want or when it’s needed.

Yet this all too common scenario should not be overly surprising. And that’s because many of those systems are merely stock-standard, off the shelf software packages BMS Softwarewhose simple view of life is that ‘one size fits all’. A view which totally ignores the reality that each and every individual company’s exact requirements, business operations, industry demands and strategic ambitions are different.

By imposing an average solution on users, so called “industry-standard” systems imply that a company is average, its opportunities and challenges are average, and its ambitions are average. This proposition may be totally fine for run of the mill organizations who actually think that way, but simply cannot work for any business that is targeting strong growth or is intent on market leadership. This strategy is equally inadequate for operations that require substantial productivity gains and cost savings.

Promadis takes a very different view of IT, what it must do, how it should be designed and how it needs to work.

We know that every true Business Solution must be exactingly tailored to meet the precise needs of the client in question. And that, in turn, will have been achieved through an all important consultative process that allows us to take our well proven family of commercial, distribution and manufacturing system building blocks and to then fully customize these to provide an IT solution that really does deliver.

PROMADIS Business Solutions …
because one size certainly does not fit all.

The Problems of Rigid Off The Shelf Software

There are many significant problems that can confront top management in businesses that are using stock-standard and rigid, off the shelf computer software.

These certainly vary from organization to organization. But among the most common are those that reflect a “yes” answer to any of the following questions:

  • Does your company accountant support you as a financial adviser or do they have to spend all of their day as a book keeper? 
  • Do you have to merge data from multiple systems and reports to create a common “number”?
  • Do different systems report different results for the same thing, such as sales??
  • Do your managers use different systems with different data to make decisions?  Do they advise different results?
  • Are you flooded with lots of irrelevant data but are not getting the information you need?
  • Do you regularly prepare key reports using Spreadsheet software or using a calculator?
  • Do you lack accurate, specific and up to the moment data to determine and monitor actual costs ?
  • Do you find that requests for some ‘special’ information take forever, even when the matter is urgent?
  • Is key information always “out of date”?
  • Can you get a totally up to date and fully accurate financial position of the company right now and without extra calculations?
  • Is the information you receive about past events too late to initiate corrective action before it hurts
PROMADIS Business Solutions …
affordable systems that precisely fit your business.

So What Should An Effective IT Solution Deliver?

Naturally, any IT business system that you install must be able to provide the essential day-to-day functionality that the enterprise needs to fully support all aspects of its operation … no matter whether those are financial, distribution or manufacturing.

But in delivering these basic facilities and features, Promadis argues that the system must also precisely mirror the company’s processes and procedures.

BMS Dispatch

It must work the way you work and do things the way you do. Rather than demanding that you create a whole gaggle of backdoor, error prone and often manual ‘work-arounds’ to force your business to work within the rigid dictates of the software.

What’s more, this same system must fully support key management decision making.  It must convert raw ‘data’ into timely, useful and appropriate business ‘information’, ready to hand and in the right format.

Above all else, it must be the information that you want for your business. Not some programmer-designed, generic report that totally misses the point, is never there when it is required, or demands a tedious process of cutting, pasting, spread-sheeting and editing.

BMS Manufactoring

For example, imagine a system that, at the start of every day, gives you a one page summary of all the ‘right now’ Key Performance Indicators of your company. KPI’s that you have nominated and which are presented in a layout of your choice.

Similarly, imagine a system that would automatically alert you as soon as any specified KPI moved out of tolerance.

With Promadis Business Solutions, that type of information, and much more, is always at your fingertips.

PROMADIS Business Solutions …
helping you build and support your competitive advantage.

Promadis Business Solutions

The building blocks of Promadis’ total business management approach are its well proven family of financial, distribution and manufacturing systems.

These include:

Promadis Financials


General Ledger


Integrates all financial information in a real-time comprehensive facility for multi-company and multi-level financial accounting and reporting.


Accounts Receivable


Manages debtor transactions and credit control


Accounts Payable


Centralises control of creditor accounts and payments.


Asset Management


Processes comprehensive asset and depreciation details.




Calculates, processes and posts staff payrolls.





Promadis Distribution




Automatically manages stock levels and transfers, with full integration with financials and order processing.


Sales Order Entry


Manages customer requirements from notification to fulfillment whether created manually, by email or through net.Shop.




Integrates requisition and ordering functions to control approval levels and supplier liability.


Provides a comprehensive “self service” eCommerce extension to Sales Order Entry that is fully integrated with inventory, customer service and marketing.


Transport Management


Connects consignments, jobs and all areas of transport billing into a fully functional transport system.


Courier Management


Integrates courier jobs, drivers and vehicles to clients and contracts plus full integration to the financial system.





Promadis Manufacturing




Provides processes to connect raw materials to finished goods, to ensure that the system is accurately managing internal stock replenishment.


PROMADIS Business Solutions …
proven end-to-end capability for your complete company.

The PROMADIS Tailor Made Methodology 

While our financial, distribution and manufacturing software systems certainly all enjoy an enviable reputation for their features-rich and easy to use functionality, it is our tailor made methodology that truly sets our client solutions apart.

Such a methodology uses our family of well proven core applications to custom design a very specific solution that will precisely match each individual client’s exact requirements, business operations, industry demands and strategic ambitions.

This process is highly consultative. One in which experienced PROMADIS business analysts work with you, and your team, to meticulously define precisely what it is you want from your business solution. Not just from a day-to-day operational perspective, but also from a strategic management viewpoint.

BMS Courier


Naturally, any effective IT system must be one that delivers the benefits and ROI that flow from substantially increased productivity, lower operating costs, simplified operating procedures and increased customer service.

Promadis has a well proven track record in ensuring that all such objectives are not just convenient marketing clichés but potent realities.

At days end, however, we are also fully committed to implementing business systems that will allow you to drive your business in the way that you want to.

Proactive Management versus Reactive Management

Because PROMADIS systems give you all of the information you want when you need it, you can now proactively respond to any highlighted opportunities and problems at the earliest possible moment. So no longer will you need to wait until things become all too obvious and when reaction is the only remaining option. 

Management by Facts versus Management by Best Guess 

Because PROMADIS systems span your whole business, your entire operation is working with the one set of figures. So you are now managing with confirmed facts, rather than having to first decide which of several lots of contradictory data is correct. 

Management Overview versus Management Immersion

Because PROMADIS systems give you a total picture of the complete business – from one end to the other – you will no longer need to spend endless management hours simply trying to find out what is happening in every separate part of the organization.


PROMADIS Business Solutions
Delivering business information when you need it