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PROMADIS Eclipse Keeps Chicken Run on Schedule With Intelligent Poultry System

21 June 2007 

Adelaide Poultry has removed the guesswork inherent in many chicken processing operations as it capitalises on the success of a major growth program.

The South Australian company has managed to increase turnover six-fold in five years, from 50,000 to 300,000 chickens a week, while at the same time greatly improving financial and production control.

This has been made possible by the introduction of a groundbreaking computer management system that has given the firm access to critical real-time data on production status and sales.

Developed by Adelaide-based software developer Promadis, the new system uses wireless broadband and barcode technology to track the poultry throughout the production and delivery supply chain.

"In a highly competitive industry with small margins, having this level of control can be the difference between making a profit or loss," said John Shaw, Promadis manager of financial systems.

"Too often we see food processors using traditional manufacturing control software, which works fine when there is consistency in supply and product leaving the plant.  But this is impossible with fresh food produce such as chickens, which vary in size and weight."

The Promadis system fully integrates the manufacturing, packaging and dispatch processes to provide management with real-time information about production for time-critical decision-making, and support with effective long-term planning.

Dada Hu, Adelaide Poultry general manager, said the technology had provided the company with a new level of control to pursue growth with confidence.

"Eventually our intention is to introduce the system back to the farm, so that we can trace each chicken or portion from the barn to the retail outlet," he said.

"The technology is extremely powerful and adaptable and gives us total quality, quantity and financial control."

The system has been installed over the past 12 months during a period of major change for Adelaide Poultry.

The company purchased Joe's Poultry last year, absorbing the increased production of 100,000 chickens a week into its existing plant, and in turn was acquired by Baiada Poultry.