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  • Patient records at your fingertips.
  • Evidence based protocols to insist in treatment recommendations.
  • Actively support drug trials and research.
  • Help meet the ever growing demands of regulatory bodies, health care funds, the legal system and patient advocacy groups.
  • Optionally, contribute to effective practice management.

At Promadis we take a very specific view of IT for Clinical Management. What those computer solutions must do. How they should be designed. And how they need to work

We believe that every individual solution must

  • Work in a way that totally supports the way you want your practice to work. 
  • Be totally relevant to cardiology. 
  • Be immediately adaptable to growth and change. 
  • Cover every possible facet of the clinical process within one totally integrated software application. 
  • Bring every item of patient data together – in a single up to the moment database – for immediate online access, irrespective of where the consulting doctor is working. 
  • Provide immediate evidence based recommendations for treatment based on the practice’s own QA and procedural guidelines. 
  • Have the capacity to work alone in the clinical arena or to be fully integrated with a fully compatible practice management system.
The Patient Management Problems
Of Ineffective ‘Off The Shelf’ Software Solutions

When less than optimum software solutions are being used, these can substantially compromise efficient patient management

  • Do you need to access a multitude of different files (in an equally different number of ways) to be certain of getting all relevant information for a particular patient? 
  • Is accessing full and totally up to date patient record information a major problem for away clinics? 
  • Are specialists unable to access records, or latest results, whether they are working at a clinic, a laboratory, in hospital or from home? 
  • Do present systems provide little or no practical help in maintaining effective and prompt communication with referring doctors? 
  • Are significant clinical events (such as an abnormal pathology report) buried in a mountain of paperwork? 
  • Is your system unable to alert you to those significant clinical events? 
  • There is a wealth of relevant patient data, agreed QA standards, preferred treatment options … but can your system correlate and bring all of these together?   
  • Is your system unable to pose suggested evidence based treatment alternatives using all the data on hand? 
  • Do you have specific QA standards, but find that all to often you must rely  on subjectivity – particularly in marginal situations?   
  • With a large practice, is it hard to ensure that QA standards and preferred treatment options are being consistently applied?   
  • Are you unable to directly send reports from your system into referring doctors’ own databases, as opposed to simply emailing? 
  • Are present IT applications doing little to ensure that the risk of overlooking important clinical data is minimized (for example, when a colleague is looking after a patient in a specialist’s absence)? 
  • Is it currently impractical to interface your back office IT with medical testing equipment … so that results can be directly and immediately added to patient records? 
  • Are you unable to use IT to help support research and drug trial initiatives? 
  • Do present IT controls and procedures do nothing to reduce the cost of medical indemnity insurance? 
  • Are applications unable to automatically notify practitioners when such things as pathology results arrive?
Promadis Cardiology
How It Precisely Meets Your Specific Requirements
At the core of the Promadis Cardiology clinical system is a comprehensive suite of well proven software modules that have been designed to potently support each and every aspect of patient management

This includes those parts of the system that address electronic medical records, automatic letters and templates, appointment schedules, scripts, pathology, diagnostic imaging, MIMS and consultation wizards. Also included, is our most recent major enhancement, the evidence based heart failure assessment module which is soon to be trialled by SA Heart Centres and Ashford Cardiology.

Cardiology MachineBut in delivering these essential facilities and features, Promadis also argues that the system must also precisely mirror your processes and procedures.

To achieve that end, all Promadis implementations take our family of core applications and then custom design a totally specific solution. One that will precisely match each practice’s exact requirements, specialist focus, day-to-day procedures and strategic ambitions.

This tailor made methodology is highly consultative. One in which experienced Promadis analysts work with you, and your team, to meticulously define exactly what it is you want from your IT.

This commitment to customisation also means that your Promadis system can be simply, economically and efficiently modified. So as any number of things change in your practice, IT can readily change with them.  As such, this means that your software always remains current and your investment is protected through the long.

Promadis Cardiology
The System In Operation

While not exhaustive, the following index of facilities and features is presented to give a solid overview of the Promadis Cardiology system’s capabilities

Patient Medical Records Module

Brings together, for immediate online access, all relevant background patient data including:

  • Cardiac condition 
  • Other conditions 
  • Intervention 
  • Referral history 
  • Personal and social history 
  • Family history 
  • Adverse reactions (drugs and other) 
  • Current and past medications including those from other practitioners 
  • Diagnostic imaging and pathology 
  • Patient recalls
Heart Failure Module

Evidence based protocols to assist in treatment recommendations. The module is based on Heart Foundation guidelines and with automatic notification when these guidelines are changed. Information maintained includes:

  • Capture of ejection fraction 
  • ECG data 
  • QRS assessment 
  • ECG abnormality morphology 
  • NHYA clinical classification 
  • Suggested actions for patients based on heart failure decision tree matrix or rules 
  • Patient alerts for significant heart failure risks 
  • Specific reporting on actions taken by cardiologists to show improvements in patient care plan

Cardiology Result

Promadis Cardiology
Integrated With The Promadis Practice Management System

Promadis Cardiology can be used as a totally stand alone Patient Management System, or it can be integrated with our more general Practice Management System, or the system you are currently using.

The Promadis solution here is again customised to each practice’s operations so that it too works the way you work and does things the way you want them done

The following is a brief guide to this option’s comprehensive range of facilities:

  • Patient management 
  • Practice management 
  • Billing, receipting & banking 
  • Online debtor management 
  • Medicare Australia Online 
  • Did not attend’ reporting 
  • Appointment management with reminders including a ‘via SMS’ option’ 
  • Detailed monthly practice summary reports for each clinician 
  • Extensive general reporting 
  • Comprehensive financial management and financial history
PROMADIS Cardiology
Effective patient management. Advanced quality control.