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Multi Lingual Support - No un problema para PROMADIS

21 June 2007

Potent new language support capabilities in the PROMADIS Raven and PROMADIS CaseMan products are helping to drive export outcomes for PROMADIS.

As software products attract interest from other areas around the world, the support of multiple languages becomes a significant issue.

Consider also that different jurisdictions within the same country and using the same language, can also have different descriptions for the same piece of data on a form.

And then also consider that multi-nationalism requires the support of multiple different languages from the same system at the same time for the same data.

This combined capability demands a flexibility that is not readily available.

A new methodology and technology developed by PROMADIS to achieve this exact outcome has been deployed into both flagship export products being PROMADIS CaseMan for Forensic Science LIMS / Case Management and PROMADIS Raven for Births Deaths and Marriages Registry Management.

These recent upgrades are included in the core software system to delivers potent new capabilities for flexible screen management, in any language, for any specific user at the time of their logon.

As these languages are managed by a systems administrator and require no software changes or the selection of different "versions", they are not only simple to administer, but also do not restrict the deployment of software upgrades.

To see a demonstration of this facility, or to find out more, please contact us at