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Promadis Completes Phase One of Yellow Couriers IT and Communication Systems Upgrade

14 September 2007 

Under the project specification, Yellow's first priority was to completely overhaul its dispatcher software. This being the vital tool which is used to record, assign, monitor and manage each and every individual client job.

As the company's Couriers Manager, Gaynor Mouzekiari, notes, "in terms of IT use and innovation we like to see ourselves as an industry leader. We were certainly a pioneer in the use of dispatcher systems. And our most recent objective, therefore, was to take advantage of the latest advances in technology to ensure that what we were using for this task was the most efficient and effective solution available."

"In doing that we also needed to ensure that whatever we did provided maximum reliability. A dispatch system really is 'mission critical' for the business. And it is a key element in delivering constantly high levels of customer service."

"Consequently the selection of Promadis, as our development partner, was largely based on our previous experience with that organisation. They supplied our corporation wide administrative system in 2000. And that has always proved to be highly stable and reliable."

Included in the Promadis specification were a series of individual software modules to cater for the specific needs of telephonists, despatchers and supervisors. Also required was an interface to Yellows current in-vehicle mobile data terminals (MDTs), an upgrade to its IT server and the replacement of the then current network and PC workstations.

Additionally, the functional specification also required that the new system be largely 'future proofed'. This being required so that subsequent enhancement could be readily made, including those already identified in later phases of the current overall project.    

The latter includes replacing the in-vehicle MDTs with robust mobile devices which, among other things, will enable drivers to scan barcodes and to readily capture proof of delivery signatures. The organisation's internet booking system will also be extensively expanded and refined. While clients with large consignments will substantially benefit from the introduction of a new edi-based facility to streamline the transfer of complex manifest data.    

These subsequent developments are slated for completion in early 2008.

Yellow Couriers is part of the Adelaide headquartered Yellow Corporation, a company founded in 1924 and which today is South Australia's largest privately owned transport entity